'Village goodies' in Lithuania

'Village goodies' in Lithuania

The project helped women of a small town in Lithuania, Pociūnėliai, to better sell their organic fruit and vegetables by creating the 'village goodies' brand. The project also supported the women in developing a packaging line, order cards, information leaflets and to set up a website. Project support also allowed to renovate the women's working quarters and to purchase machinery.


• 15 women were profitably employed in the venture. • The branded on-line promotion and ordering have resulted in higher returns on the products.

Isem tal-programm
Rural development
Prijoritajiet tal-KE
Jobs, Growth and Investment
Kontribuzzjoni tal-UE
€28 107
Lokalità tal-proġett
Perjodu speċifikat ta’ żmien
2014 to 2015

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