A multinational technology company made in Greece | Upstream becomes a world leader in online services

A multinational technology company made in Greece | Upstream becomes a world leader in online services

Greek mobile marketing pioneer Upstream has evolved into a world-leading technology company that provides services across a range of areas. EU funding is supporting its latest research and development activities. When it was founded in 2001, Upstream was one of the world’s first mobile marketing companies By the end of the 2000s, it had established itself as a global leader in the field It has since evolved into a technology company which produces software and applications for a range of mobile online services Upstream is active in 43 countries on five continents but maintains its head office in Greece The company has received €25 million in EU financing for research and development activities that benefit the Greek economy

EU contribution
€25 000 000
Project location
Time frame
2017 to 2018

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