'Urban Business Hub' - addressing local social needs in Brussels

'Urban Business Hub' - addressing local social needs in Brussels

This project involves the Brussels Public Social Services Centre renovating the historic ‘Byrrh’ building in the city's Laeken district. The project aims to turn the building into a business centre by developing office areas and workshop spaces.

A cafeteria will also be opened there to cater for both workers and the public.


• the project will encourage new businesses and growing companies to locate here rather than the outskirts of Brussels• the project expects that over 200 jobs will be created, mainly aimed at less skilled local people• the historic character of the building will be protected under the business plan.

Programmets navn
Cohesion for growth and employment
Europa-Kommissionens prioriteter
Jobs, Growth and Investment
10.778.274 €
Sted, hvor projektet gennemføres
2007 to 2017

Del dette projekt

Del dette projekt

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