A global network for food safety

A global network for food safety

Ensuring the safety of the EU's food supply is in everyone's interest – from farmers and manufacturers to policymakers and consumers. Strong rules and manufacturing standards serve to protect  health, deliver quality products and boost the industry's competitiveness, in Europe and elsewhere. These rules and standards need to be kept up to date with the results of cutting edge research being done in Europe and across the world. Not doing so puts people's health at risk and could erode Europe's reputation for providing safe food.


The 'Collab4Safety' project has developed an online network to encourage global collaboration in research and innovation on food safety. The project's network, online information portal, and research aim to improve food safety in Europe and reduce health risks.

Programme name
Seventh Research framework programme (incl. Completion of sixth Research FP)
EC’s priorities
Jobs, Growth and Investment
EU contribution
€999 990
Project location
Time frame
2012 to 2016
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