Creating a path to early recovery for education in Syria


This project contributes to the 'No lost generation initiative' by improving access to pre-school, primary and alternative education for vulnerable children in six Syrian governorates: Aleppo, Homs, Hassake, Damascus, Rural Damascus, Tartous. The project ensures that children enrol and attend school regularly, benefit from remedial classes, psycho-social support and other support, and can access an improved learning environment. Also, for children under six there are 'School Readiness Programs', and children at risk of dropping out have access to remedial education and TVET programs.


• Improved access to education for 2 million children in approximately 3 000 schools for two school years: 2013/14 and 2014/15.
• Back-to-school initiatives for 1 million children.
• Remedial education and psycho-social support to 180 schools.
• Remedial classes and recreational activities for 100 000 children.
• Access to self-learning programme to 200 000 children.
• Training of 1 500 teachers on psycho-social support, risk education, hygiene, and child-friendly schooling.
• Rehabilitation of 100 schools.
• School textbooks including accelerated learning textbooks to 250 000 children.
• Early childhood development activities for 10 000 pre-school age children.
• Kindergardens for 10 000 children.
• Access to psychosocial support to pre-school age children and parents.
• Vocational training and alternative learning programmes for 20 000 adolescents.
• Education grants for 800 girls.

Since needs are huge, a second phase will start 09/2015 with roughly the same objectives in terms of outputs. During this second phase, a component on food will also be added to provide daily, nutritious fortified snacks to 200 000 primary school children for 18 months from June 2015 on.

Programme name
European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)
EC’s priorities
EU as a Global Actor
European Commission, EU
EU Budget contribution to the project
EUR 15 709 561
UNICEF, Switzerland.
Project location
Syrian Arab republic
2013 to 2015

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