CATALYSE - Culture & Creativity Activate Territories Attractiveness 2013-2014


'CATALYSE - Culture & creativity Activates Territories Attractiveness' project consisted of a European collaboration aimed at engaging key decision-makers, creators and the general public in Europe. The idea was to make evident the positive impact of culture on European territories.


Following the successful format of Forum d'Avignon (2008-2012) and Forum d'Avignon Rhur 2012, CATALYSE invited artists, creators and key players in the fields of culture and the creative economy to share their experiences with key European decision makers, politicians and local and regional stakeholders.

Programme name
Culture 2007-2013
EC’s priorities
Democratic Change
Association Forum d'Avignon, France
EU Budget contribution to the project
EUR 200 000
Bilbao Metropoli-30, Spain; European Centre for Creative Economy GmbH, Germany
Project location
2013 to 2014

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