Bringing a better life to migrant domestic workers in Argentina


This project's objective is to enhance decent work opportunities for Migrant Domestic workers (MDW) in Argentina, by reducing their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse, and mitigating the adverse impact of migration on families left behind. It is implemented in the frame of the 'Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and their Families' by the ILO (International Labour Organization) with funding from the EU.


In 2011, the International Labour Conference of the ILO adopted the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (No. 189). Bilateral agreements have since then been made between trade unions in countries of origin and destination in three migration corridors. Legislation for domestic workers was passed in Paraguay and the first domestic workers' union in the Arab world was founded in Lebanon. Argentina has recognised maternity leave, paid holidays, a minimum wage, a yearly bonus and compensation for layoffs or firing.

Programme name
The EU as a global player
EC’s priorities
EU as a Global Actor
ILO, Switzerland
EU Budget contribution to the project
EUR 3 500 000
Project location
Buenos Aires Buenos AiresArgentina
2013 to 2016
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