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Financial Transparency System (FTS)

Which bodies pay out EU funding?

  • the Commission itself and its executive agencies (e.g. funding for research, education and training and transport and energy)
  • national and regional authorities in EU countries (e.g. for the common agricultural policy and the Structural Funds)
  • authorities in non-EU countries that receive financial support from the EU (e.g. development aid)
  • international organisations (e.g. UN, World Bank).

Image of the homepage of the financial transparency system
Financial transparency system
Directly from the Commission

About 20% of the EU budget is paid directly to organisations and businesses. These can be found in the EU's financial transparency system:

  • beneficiaries of grants
  • contractors paid directly by the Commission to implement EU programmes
  • contractors providing the Commission with day-to-day supplies and services
  • other Commission administrative expenditure (excluding staff costs).

Via other authorities

The other 80% or so of the budget is paid out by other authorities (national or regional).

See Beneficiaries of grants from other authorities.

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