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Working Group on National Declarations

In view of improving Member States' accountability for the management of EU funds, a group was launched on 16 December 2013 by Commissioner Šemeta, together with MEP Jan Mulder and the Council’s Lithuanian and Greek Presidencies, to design voluntary national declarations.

The group is developing recommendations and a template for "national declarations" to be presented in June 2014. These are statements of assurance issued at high national level, stating that Member States responsibilities and obligations have been fulfilled when it comes to managing and controlling EU funds. The possibility to issue voluntary National declarations is now foreseen in the new Financial Regulation. It is hoped that more Member States will consider issuing national declarations from this year, to coincide with the start of the new Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020.

Commission adoption of recommendations

Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council and to the European Court of Auditors on the adoption of the interinstitutional working group recommendations for the establishment and use of national declarations


6th Meeting: Closing the activities, 26/06/2014

Meeting minutes (PDF, 271 KB)

5th Meeting: Fifth Technical Meeting, 05/06/2014

Meeting agenda (PDF, 95 KB)
Draft Results on the IIWG on National Declarations (PDF, 380 KB)
Meeting minutes (PDF, 339 KB)
Recommendations (PDF, 456 KB)

4th Meeting: Third technical meeting, 10.02.2014

Meeting agenda (PDF, 95 KB)
Draft Results of the Inter-institutional Working Group on National Declarations (PDF, 380 KB)
Meeting minutes (PDF, 339 KB)

3rd Meeting: Second technical meeting, 27.01.2014

Questionnaire addressed to participants: Working Group on National Declarations (Word, 25 KB)
Meeting minutes (PDF, 245 KB)

2nd Meeting: First technical meeting, 10.01.2014

Meeting agenda and annexes (PDF, 616 KB)
Meeting minutes (PDF, 73 KB)
List of participants (PDF, 73 KB)

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