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Open Doors Day of the European Commission 2018


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Through a playful and interactive walk by 27 stands, this 26th edition of the OPENDAY in the Berlaymont will present the main policies of the EU, highlighting the European Year for cultural Heritage 2018.

05/05/2018 - 10:00



A series of mini citizen's dialogues in the Schuman room will give you the opportunity to talk directly with personalities of the European Commission.

More than 150 European civil servants on site will offer visitors time to chat, play, explain, and share personal experiences about European policies, thus contributing to bringing the EU always closer to its citizens.

Adults and children are invited during their visit into the Berlaymont building to:

  • Visit (at the beginning of your tour) the 13th floor where the President and the college of Commissioners meet every Wednesday,
  • Visit the famous press room of the Berlaymont where will be broadcasted all day long videos about EU best success and achievements.
  • Experience the best of virtual reality.
  • Become a pilot on a Canadair mission and extinguish a forest fire.
  • Challenge yourself to take action in the fight against climate change,
  • Make a virtual tour through iconic protected sites, Europe's rich natural and cultural heritage.
  • Participate to a treasure hunt to test your knowledge about social affairs in Europe. Experience how each member state benefits from EU financing while we celebrates 30 years of successful regional (cohesion) policy.
  • Come and play the "Cartel" video –game;
  • Know more about EU Careers and how the 24 EU languages matter and get inside an interpreter booth.
  • Walk in a city, where lots of situations are made easier thanks to the Single Market celebrating 25 years.
  • Discover the richness and diversity of our cultural traditions.
  • Take part in fun and simple quiz about data protection.
  • Come and taste some nice European quality products. From farm to fork, sustainable food for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Try the magic of science and understand better how the EU finances projects that contribute to saving our cultural heritage.
  • Look through the suitcases and find the fake goods between the real.
  • Be a customs officer with real dogs and win attractive prizes!
  • Vote on how the EU budget should be spent in the future.
  • Find out how the EU Court of auditors helps to protect EU citizens’ money.
  • Test your knowledge on the euro and the Economic and Monetary Union by taking part in interactive games.
  • Find out how migrants integrate into the European society and how their cultural background is woven into the fabric of Europe.
  • Come and watch video clips of films that explain how the EU is present in our everyday life.

Outdoor activities on the Esplanade will propose a full musical, dance and show programme, together with many circus performers ready to entertain all of the 10 000 expected visitors.

Go to eat and drink on the Schuman square participate to the fantastic 6th edition of “la Fête des Pains” opened from 10.00 to 21.00.
Professionals will share their passion, art and know-how through numerous activities (such as culinary workshops and bread tasting from the different regions of Europe and China).

Do not forget to pass by the PANORAMIC SELFIE PODIUM, the best view towards the Berlaymont building!  
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For the fourth time, Radio BXFM 104.3 will be our partner and will broadcast live from the Berlaymont's radio studio throughout the day.

Free entrance from 10.00 to 18.30 – last entrance – closing doors at 19.30
The circuit is of a minimum of 30 minutes – start your visit by the 13th floor and then make the full tour – you will not regret it!

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1. The EU saves lives – in Europe and worldwide

2. Are you up for the climate challenge?

3. Natura 2000: protecting Europe's rich natural and cultural heritage

4. Preserve our history to build the future

6. Social Europe

7. How EU Cohesion (Policy) projects influence your daily life

8. Roam like at home / Go online abroad like at home/ .eu domain

9. Free and easy access to European Statistics

10. 60 years of DG Competition serving consumers

11. EU Careers

12. Want to work in a genuinely multicultural environment?

13. Publications Office of the European Union

14. Languages matter!

15. Programme in the Schuman room (Berlaymont)

16. What the EU can do for you

17. 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage: DG EAC in action

18. Data protection in action

19. From farm to fork, sustainable food for a healthy lifestyle

20. EU Research & Innovation - helping to preserve our Cultural Heritage – interactive experiments

21. Fight fraud with OLAF

22. Become a customs officer!

23. European Court of Auditors: guardians of the EU finances

24. EU – Budget: the next 7 years

25. EMU at 20 1999-2019

26. Remembering the past, building the future – Culture and Integration

27. Stay in touch #EUandME