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Complaint form

Via this page you can lodge a complaint against breach of EU law by a Member State. This form is available in 23 languages. Please use the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen to switch to another language.

The Commission welcomes complaints as an important source of information, to help it detect possible infringements of EU law.

After receiving your complaint, the Commission will:

  • register it and confirm receipt of your complaint within 15 working days
  • assess your complaint within the following 12 months (if the issue is especially complicated, it can take longer)
  • where appropriate, propose to transfer it to the most suitable problem-solving mechanism
  • inform you about progress on your complaint.

However, please note Commission action in response to complaints is unlikely to directly resolve your personal situation:

  1. The Commission is not obliged to open formal infringement procedures – even if it considers a breach has occurred.
  2. If the Commission does formally follow up your complaint, its aim is a general one – to ensure the laws of the Member State in question are brought fully into line with EU law and correctly applied.
    If the European Court of Justice confirms a breach of EU law, the Member State in question has to take action, to remedy the breach.

In order to directly resolve your personal situation, or be awarded compensation, you should take action locally, in the Member State concerned.

  • if solving your problem requires a national decision to be annulled, only national courts can do this.
  • if you are seeking compensation for damage, only national courts have the power to order authorities in their jurisdiction to award this.

Submitting a complaint to the Commission does not suspend the time limits for starting legal action under national law.

If you need more direct advice, you can contact our enquiry service.