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As per the terms of references, five tasks were performed by the project team to come up with a data inventory for a RMSA:

  • Task 1 provided a complete overview of existing literature and data sources for a full Material System Analysis (MSA), using specific indicators. Data gaps and unreliable data were identified by material and life cycle stage.
  • Task 2 defined a procedure for collecting information to establish the full MSA inventory for the material flows and on the process level. The procedure included propositions for filling the data gaps, mainly based on documented assumptions and input from experts.
  • In Task 3, selected experts were consulted during five workshops to provide feedback on the work conducted in the project. Expert opinion was given on the data sources and on the data collection and processing methodology. It was essential for ensuring that the MSA is set up appropriately and for filling the gaps of missing data sets for the 28 groups of materials.
  • Task 4 elaborated the MSA database for the 28 groups of materials on the period from 2007 to 2012; by collecting and processing the appropriate data, then calculating complementary data.
  • Task 5 was dedicated to the recommendations for the European Commission to build a full database of MSA, maintain, and update it in a regular basis.

Stakeholder input was considered crucial for both evaluating the methodology and filling data gaps.