Harmonisation issues for primary raw materials

Currently, there is no centralised EU initiative or organisation responsible for co-ordinating statistical data on raw material resources and reserves. A standardised and accurate statistical database  providing a complete source of data on the geological resources and reserves of European countries is essential for informing decision makers regarding materials security and for establishing mitigating strategies. Taken in association with other data -such as geospatial and land use records - it would provide a valuable supplement for land use planning and future technology development policies. Such a statistical database would represent one of the components for building a European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) targeted by the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP-RM, Action area n° II.8).

Topic Issues/Gaps

I. Policy, legislation and regulation

National mining law or minerals policy

Legal requirement to provide resources/reserves data

Terminology of primary RM and dedicated legislation

II. Data quality and comparability

Mandated use of a system of reporting

Alignment of national systems of reporting with a widely accepted Standard or Code