Agents of change

Driving forces that will shape the industrial landscape. Mainly Agents of Change describe the way society will evolve in the future. These are driving forces that have policy, social, technological, economic and environmental dimensions that have implications on future production systems. Agents of Change describe the nature and the direction of the change. For each Agent of Change, there are sub-descriptors detailing and explaining the driving force.

Enablers and Constraints

Factors that can either enable or restrain the evolution of the industrial landscape. These factors are the basis of the industrial system; they are influenced by the Agents of Change and can act as 'switches' in determining the direction and development of the different components of the Production and Consumption System. The content of each Enabler and Constraint is further explained.

Production and consumption system

Processes that describe the production and consumption system of the industrial landscape. They describe how we are going to produce and consume in the future. They are strongly interlinked with the Agents of Change and with the Enablers and Constraints. Each component identifies the mechanisms of change for a defined part of the Production and Consumption System. For each component there are descriptors and sub-descriptors that detail the Production & Consumption System.

Wild Cards

Wild Cards can affect any part of the model: Natural Disasters, Man-Made Disasters, Pandemics, World War.

The Industrial Landscape Vision 2025 was developed in the context of a foresight study run by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.
See the Industrial Landscape Vision 2025 in the JRC Science Hub.