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4 ECTS mobility

ECTS for mobility and credit recognition

This section deals with credit transfer and recognition in general, which takes place both in degree mobility and credit mobility.

Successful learning mobility requires academic recognition and transfer of credits. Recognition of credits is the process through which an institution certifies that learning outcomes achieved and assessed in another institution satisfy the requirements of one of the programmes they offer.

Given the diversity of programmes and HEIs, it is unlikely that the credits and learning outcomes of a single educational component in two different programmes will be identical. This is even more the case in recognising learning from other learning contexts (for example vocational education and training). An open and flexible approach to the recognition of credits obtained in another context, including learning mobility, is therefore recommended, based on compatibility of learning outcomes rather than equivalence of course contents. In practice, recognition means that the number of credits gained for compatible learning outcomes achieved in another context will replace the number of credits that are allocated for compatible learning outcomes at the awarding institution.

Institutions should make their recognition policies known and easily accessible.

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