Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



Commission sets out priorities to step up EU action

The European Commission put forward a list of concrete actions to better prevent the trafficking in human beings.

Integration of victims of trafficking in human beings

According to the 2016 Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings, there is strong evidence that the migration crisis has been exploited by criminal networks involved in trafficking in human beings to target the most vulnerable, in particular women and children. As an example, recent IOM estimates show a sharp increase by 600% since 2014 in the number of potential victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation arriving in Italy through the Central Mediterranean route. Victims are predominantly Nigerian women and girls.

Frontex video on Vega project

In June 2017, Frontex released a video presenting its Vega project and the role of border guards at airports in detecting children at risk of trafficking in human beings. 

Guidelines on non-financial reporting

On 26th June 2017, the Commission adopted the Guidelines on non-financial reporting, to enhance business transparency on social and environmental matters. The new guidelines will support companies in fulfilling their reporting obligations under current non-financial disclosure requirements and will promote smart company reporting.

Eurojust’s 2016 Annual Report

Eurojust's 15th Annual Report provides insights into the EU Agency's support to the Member States in the fight against serious cross-border crime.

Transnational Referral Mechanism Model – TRM

IOM launched an online platform featuring a Transnational Referral Mechanism Model – TRM, an outcome of the EU-funded Transnational Action (TACT) project,  developed as a deliverable of the EU Strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings 2012-2016 (Priority A: Identifying, protecting and assisting victims of trafficking, Action 1: Establishment of National and Transnational Referral Mechanisms).

GRETA's 6th General Report

STRASBOURG 30/03/2017

In its 6th General Report, the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) highlights important gaps in the prevention of trafficking in children and in the identification and protection of child victims of trafficking.


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