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Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Country: the Netherlands

Court: Aimelo District Court

Sentenced date: 11/07/2008

Purpose of explitation: Exploitation of the prostitution

In this case there were six defendants, all guilty of trafficking in women with respect to one or more women. Partial acquittal on this point partly as a result of the formulation of the indictments. Five defendants in addition guilty of participation in and/or leading a criminal organisation. 'A characteristic feature of the organisation was its ruthless and violent conduct. The case file is bursting with violence and intimidations.The five defendants have 'no respect at all for the physical and mental integrity and right of self-determination of these women'. Convictions also for assault of individual women, among other things. In determining the punishment to be imposed, the court sought attunement with convictions by other courts of justice in the country. The court has deemed rape and coercion into breast enlargement or abortion as aggravating circumstances. Sentences varying from eight months to seven years and six months. Partial awarding of compensation of victims' claims for damages. Advance payments of up to EUR 50,000.

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