Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Member States

Member States

5.5 Contacts

Government Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities

National coordinator and Director Branko Sočanac, M.A.

Republic of Croatia

Mesnička 23, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 4569 358; Fax: +385 1 4569 324



Ministry of Interior

Police Directorate

Department for organized crime

Ilica 335, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 3788002; Fax: +385 1 3788264

5.4 Links

Ministry of Interior


State’s Attorney’s Office


Ministry of social policy and youth


Ministry of Health


Ministry of Foreign and European affairs

5.1 Legislation

  • Penal Code (Official Gazette
  • Criminal Procedure Act (Official Gazette „Official Gazette“, No. 152/08 and 76/09)
  • Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Act (Official Gazette N°56/13)
  • Act on the Pecuniary Compensation of Damage to Crime Victims (Official Gazette 80/08)
  • Aliens Act (Official Gazette No. 79/07, 36/09)
  • Social Welfare Act (Official Gazette No. 73/97, 27/01, 82/01, 103/03, 44/06, 79/07)
  • Witness Protection Act (OG 163/03)
  • Act on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (OG 178/04)


The Republic of Croatia pays special attention to the international and regional cooperation. It must also be emphasized that regional activities are very important for the Republic of Croatia, because it is only through the collaboration with the authorities from the neighboring countries, which usually comprise the same human trafficking chain, that this problem can be suppressed successfully and efficiently.

International projects on suppression of trafficking in human beings carried out in the Republic of Croatia:


Republic of Croatia makes continuous efforts to strengthen administrative and operational capacities in view of enhancing the fight against THB. This includes in particular training programmes provided for relevant professionals in the field of THB. Training provided to judges, prosecutors and other relevant professionals is considered an important tool in combating THB. Especially, in order to avoid confusion with other crimes containing similar elements. Appropriate high-quality training is essential in this view.


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