Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Case Law

Case Law

Tas v. Belgium

12 May 2009 (decision on the admissibility)
This case concerned the confiscation of premises used in connection with offence linked to human trafficking and exploiting vulnerable aliens. The applicant relied in particular on Article 1 (protection of property) of Protocol No. 1 to the Convention.

Kaya v. Germany

28 June 2007 (decision on the admissibility)

O.G.O. v. the United Kingdom (no. 13950/12)

18 February 2014 (strike-out decision)
The applicant, a Nigerian national, who claimed to be a victim of human trafficking, complained that her expulsion to Nigeria would expose her to a real risk of re-trafficking.

T.I. and Others v. Greece (no. 40311/10)

Application communicated to the Greek Government on 6 September 2016
Recognised as victims of human trafficking, the applicants, three Russian nationals, complain in particular of the Greek State’s failure to discharge its obligations to penalise and prosecute acts relating to human trafficking in their cases.

G & H v Upper Tribunal & SSHD

Country: England and Wales

Court: High Court (Administrative Court)

Sentenced date: 22/05/2015

Purpose of exploitation: Sexual exploitation



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