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Trafficking in persons in Spain: invisible victims

Trafficking in persons in Spain: invisible victims

Defensor del Pueblo, October 2012, 334 pages

The Spanish Ombudsman Office (Defensor del Pueblo) released the report "Trafficking in persons in Spain: invisible victims".

This report contains the outcome of 140 investigations with several recommendations for the administrations.The report also contains a comparative analysis of the national legislation to see if it complies with the EU Directives. The EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings (2012-2016) has been also considered.

The innovative methodology of the report is based on the work of consultants following-up the victims both in their countries of origin and in the EU countries.

Publication Date
Wednesday, 10 October, 2012
Section Publications
Policy Area Victims
Type of Publication Report Data collection
Year 2013