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Trafficking in Persons; Analysis on Europe

Trafficking in Persons; Analysis on Europe

UN.GIFT, 2009, 25 pages

The report is based on UNODC's Global Report on Trafficking in Persons published in February 2009. It shows a high degree of internal trafficking within the European Union, both domestically within European countries and regionally. At the same time, the report points out that European victims represent just a fraction of the total number of victims detected in Europe. Recent trends show a marked increase in victims from China and countries in Central Asia.

According to the report, the majority of the victims identified in Europe are young women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation. Cases have also been detected of men who have been forced to work in construction and agriculture.  Approximately 10 per cent of the trafficking victims in Europe were young persons under 18.  

Publication Date
Wednesday, 14 October, 2009
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Year 2009