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Stolen Future - Trafficking for Forced Child Marriage in the UK

Stolen Future - Trafficking for Forced Child Marriage in the UK

End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes/ Farhat Bokhari, 2009, 40 pages

The study seeks to explore the interlink between forced child marriage and child trafficking. It examines forced child marriage among British born children trafficked out of the UK to be forcibly married abroad and children who have been trafficked to the UK on the basis of a false promise of marriage only to end up in sexual exploitation.

The objective is to explore the concept of exploitation and how this relates to the experience of children and young people forced into marriage. The study finds that forced child marriage can be defined as child trafficking when certain pre-conditions are met, such as the movement of a child for exploitation. However, the study finds that child trafficking is not restricted to particular nationalities or countries, nor is it condoned by any religion.

Finally, the study points out two priority issues that stand out for urgent attention. The first is the need for more practitioner awareness that forced child marriage can be both a cause and consequence of human trafficking; and the next is the need for more research on the emotional and psychological impact of forced marriage on children.

Publication Date
Tuesday, 14 April, 2009
Section Publications
Country United Kingdom
Policy Area Child protection
Year 2009