Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Smuggling and trafficking: Rights and Intersections

Smuggling and trafficking: Rights and Intersections

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), March 2012, 106 pages

This Working Paper deals with the misidentification between smuggling and trafficking.

The paper puts it out that when authorities detain migrants, they do not always check whether they might have been trafficked. They detain them as criminals, as ‘smuggled’, or as ‘irregular’ and then deport them before they have a chance to seek or receive entitled rights.

The paper examines this issue by analyzing three topics:

  1. Human rights that people have in smuggling situations,
  2. Intersections between smuggling and trafficking,
  3. Language that people use to talk about smuggling.
Publication Date
Thursday, 15 March, 2012
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Year 2012