Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Operational indicators of trafficking in human beings

Operational indicators of trafficking in human beings

International Labour Office (ILO), 2009, 4 pages

This paper presents four lists of operational indicators of trafficking, for adults as well as children in labor and sexual exploitation. These indicators, which can be used to assess the situation of a potential victim of trafficking, follow each of the six main elements of the definition of trafficking in human beings, as found in the Palermo Protocol: deceptive recruitment (including transfer and transport), coercive recruitment, recruitment by abuse of vulnerability, exploitation, coercion at destination and abuse of vulnerability at destination.

The aim of the list of indicators is to become a reference tool for researchers and institutions in charge of national data collection of trafficking in human beings.

This research was carried out in 2008 in the context of a joint European Commission-ILO project, under the supervision of a steering committee composed of experts from the European Commission, International Labour Office, IOM, University of Tilburg, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).

Publication Date
Sunday, 1 March, 2009
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Year 2009