Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Labour exploitation in Europe

Labour exploitation in Europe

A practical guide with operational observations and recommendations on European inspection, investigation and prosecution of labour exploitation

October 2010, 125 pages

The publication offers insight into the problems, pitfalls and thresholds that are encountered when combating human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation, thus identifying and assessing the gap between (inter)national legislation on human trafficking and the operational side of law enforcement.

Some of these observations are based on the Laborex 10 seminar beginning 2010. The purpose of this publication is to offer a practical guide to support inspection, investigation and prosecution of labour exploitation, to shed light on aspects that need to be improved and contribute to international cooperation in the field of European fight against trafficking in human beings.

The publication can be ordered via for € 10,- each.

Publication Date
Sunday, 10 October, 2010
Section Publications
Type of Publication Guidelines
Year 2010
Means acts purpose Labour exploitation