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Kids abroad: ignore them, abuse them or protect them?

Kids abroad: ignore them, abuse them or protect them?

Terre des Homme, 2008, 90 pages

The Terre des Homme study focuses on a wide range of initiatives to support children who leave their home country without being accompanied by any other family member. The study focuses on the situation in Western and South Eastern Europe, West Africa, Central America, South Asia and South East Asia.

The study explores initiatives, taken by organisations, which have had effect on reducing the likelihood that such children will be subjected to economic or sexual exploitation. While being critical of the way unaccompanied children are treated in some countries, the study primarily focuses on what can be done to assist these children and enable them to enjoy their human rights. It notes that in countries where immigration policy is a government priority, it is difficult for Terre des Hommes and other NGO's, to give unaccompanied children the support that they are entitled to for fear that they will be accused of infringing the law.

Terre des Hommes' study ends with a series of recommendations. The overall conclusion is that more efforts should be made to "prevent unsafe migration" for young people under age 18.

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Tuesday, 25 November, 2008
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Year 2008
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