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The International Law of Human Trafficking

The International Law of Human Trafficking

Gallagher Anne T, Nov 10 2010, 576 pages

This book presents a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the international law of human trafficking. Anne T. Gallagher calls on her direct experience working within the United Nations to chart the development of new international laws on this issue. She links these rules to the international law of state responsibility as well as key norms of international human rights law, transnational criminal law, refugee law, and international criminal law, in the process identifying and explaining the major legal obligations of states with respect to preventing trafficking, protecting and supporting victims, and prosecuting perpetrators. The book presents a valuable resource for policymakers, advocates, practitioners, and scholars working in this new, controversial, and important field.

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Publication Date
Tuesday, 9 November, 2010
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Policy Area Victims
Year 2010