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Human trafficking for forced labour in Denmark?

Human trafficking for forced labour in Denmark?

Migration and working conditions for a group of migrant workers employed in the cleaning industry, in the green sector and as au pairs 

The Danish National Board of Social Services- Danish Centre against Human Trafficking, 2012, 28 pages

The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking (CMM) has launched a number of surveys of the migration, working and living conditions of foreign workers in a number of sectors, with a view to establishing the extent to which these sectors make use of human trafficking for forced labour. The first report, entitled “Au pair and trafficked? – recruitment, residence in Denmark and dreams for the future”, was published in 2010. It was followed up in two new reports centred on the green sector (agriculture and nurseries) and the cleaning industry, published in 2011.
This report presents a brief summary of the most important survey results and conclusions from the three reports mentioned above, as well as an interdisciplinary analysis of the topic of human trafficking for forced labour in Denmark.

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Wednesday, 20 March, 2013
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Year 2013