Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Human Trafficking and Refugee Protection: UNHCR's Perspective

Human Trafficking and Refugee Protection: UNHCR's Perspective

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), September 2009, 5 pages.

This Conference Paper was prepared for the Ministerial Conference on Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (Brussels, 19-20 October 2009) and provides an overview of UNHCR's interest and activities in the area of trafficking in human beings.

The paper highlights the following key issues in the prevention of human trafficking and protection of its victims:

  • The crime of trafficking in human beings may violate fundamental human rights of victims and sometimes the rights of their families. UNHCR urges that measures taken in this respect are implemented with due regard to victims' potential needs for international protection, respect for the principle of non-refoulement and for victims' human rights
  • States must ensure that appropriate and effective referral mechanisms are in place between authorities involved in anti trafficking activities and those responsible for granting of international protection. Such measures must ensure full compliance with the principle of non-refoulement
  • The potential need for international protection of persons who have been trafficked, or are at risk of being trafficked, must be taken into account.
  • Special measures are needed to ensure protection child victims

Note that the publication date is indicative.

Publication Date
Monday, 31 August, 2009
Section Publications
Policy Area Victims Prevention
Author UNHCR
Year 2009
Means acts purpose Child trafficking