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The Frail Chain – Support for Child Victims of Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region

The Frail Chain – Support for Child Victims of Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region

Council of the Baltic sea States (CBSS)/ Weyler Svante, 2008, 51 pages

This report focuses on the assistance provided to child victims of trafficking and to what extent this assistance is functioning well in the Baltic Sea States region. The author focuses on the description of three scenarios from three countries in the region - Sweden, Lithuania and the Ukraine - which in a way can represent the whole range of countries in the region.  Each of these scenarios are casting light on some of the most crucial problems in understanding the victim's situation and the relationship with the people and institutions he or she comes into contact with. 

The report is built around interviews with young people who are victims of trafficking, different stakeholders involved in the anti-trafficking work and  the author's personal analysis on how different systems of protection works.

The interviews were undertaken in Lithuania, Belarus, the Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Sweden in 2007.

The report is part of the Cooperative Program Unaccompanied children and children vulnerable to trafficking and has been made possible by support from the EU Daphne II program.

Note that the date of publication is indicative.

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Publication Date
Monday, 31 December, 2007
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Year 2007
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