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EASO: Age assessment practices in Europe

EASO: Age assessment practices in Europe

EASO, December 2013, 94 pages

The publication aims to encourage exchange of information and expertise to perform age assessments, providing an overview meant to serve as a resource for Member States. Determining the age of an individual in case of uncertainty, when necessary and legitimate, triggers significant implications for her/him in terms of entitlements to protection and assistance.

The study addresses the circumstances of age assessment, i.e. its reasons, procedures and actors involved. It then focuses on procedural measures and safeguards, in particular the application of the best interests of the child principle, as well as on currently available tools and methods. Turning to decision-making, it encourages cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders, outlining the role that different actors can play in age assessments. Conclusions foresee future steps in terms of practical and operational measures and quality mechanisms, providing information about the use of EU funds.

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Sunday, 1 December, 2013
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Year 2013
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