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Children trafficked for exploitation in begging and criminality - New report

Children trafficked for exploitation in begging and criminality - New report

Council of Baltic Sea States-Child Centre-Expert Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk, 12.03.2013, 48 pages

In order to investigate the challenges that child protection services and law enforcement agencies are confronted with when addressing these cases, the EGCC launched the programme ‘Children trafficked for exploitation in begging and criminality: A challengefor law enforcement and child protection’.

The programme was implemented during the year 2012 with funding provided by the Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Unit and the Government of Norway. Four countries participated in the programme: Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

The report starts with a brief summary account of what has been reported on the exploitation of children in begging and criminal activities in the four countries. It proceeds then to discuss selected elements of the legal framework concerning child trafficking and exploitation.
It revisits legal concepts and definitions and to which extent they are applicable to the exploitation of children in begging and criminal activities. A cross-cutting theme of the report is the cooperation between law enforcement and child protection services and the achievements and challenges encountered in this regard in each of the four countries. This theme leads through the discussion of how child victims of trafficking and children at risk are being identified and assisted, and how the authorities organise their cooperation vertically between the central and local levels and horizontally in cooperation across agencies and departments. The main interest of the report is to document experience and promising examples from each of the countries, to identify contentious issues and challenges encountered and how they have been confronted or overcome. The report concludes with a summary of the key observations and findings and selected recommendations for law, policy and practice.

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Thursday, 14 March, 2013
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Year 2013
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