Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

National Rapporteurs and/or Equivalent Mechanisms

National Rapporteurs and/or Equivalent Mechanisms

An informal EU Network of National Rapporteurs or equivalent mechanisms was set up by the Council Conclusions, adopted on 4 June 2009. In line with the newly adopted Directive 36/2011, the National Rapporteurs are responsible for monitoring the implementation of anti-trafficking policy at the national level and will play a key role in data collection on trafficking in human beings at national and EU Level.

The network meets twice a year under the coordination of the European Commission. EU institutions and other relevant international institutions are invited to participate in the network as observers.

The first informal network at EU level of "National Rapporteurs or equivalent mechanisms" was established in June 2009. The last meeting took place on the 17th of October 2012 in Brussels. Participants dicussed questions related to internal trafficking and to the role of the network in light of the newly adopted Directive and of the recent appointment of an EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator.

This section gives a description of the role of the National Rapporteurs (or equivalent mechanisms) in Member States and details where they can be contacted.