Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



Law 60(I)/2014 provides for an independent external evaluator, who is defined as the equivalent of the National Rapporteur. The Republic of Cyprus has not yet appointed the independent external evaluator, but is in the process of doing so. Until then, the competencies of the National Rapporteur or equivalent mechanism continue to be exercised by the Multidisciplinary Coordinating Group, that de facto fulfils the same function as an equivalent mechanism.

One the main responsibilities of the Multidisciplinary Co-ordinating Group includes the drafting of an annual report on the implementation of the trafficking legislation, and on the domestic and international situation on human trafficking. The report is submitted to the House of Representatives after it has been approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Multidisciplinary Co-ordinating Group is chaired by the National Co-ordinator, a function held by the Minister of Interior. Members include representatives from all competent ministries and Non Governmental Agencies.


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