Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



In the process of implementing the article 19 of the EU Directive on Trafficking in Human Beings 2011/36, Romanian authorities opted for an equivalent mechanism to a national rapporteur assigning ANITP, within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to carry out the provided tasks.

According to the Government Decision no. 460/2011 ANITP coordinates, evaluates and monitors the implementation of anti-trafficking policies by the responsible authorities and drafts annual reports.

ANITP is also responsible for maintaining the Integrated System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Victims of Trafficking (SIMEV) on victims of human trafficking, and plays a key role in the referral mechanism. SIMEV is an important tool for the evaluation of the phenomenon, in order to identify trends and make them available for stakeholders, ensuring the effectiveness of early action to implement the National Strategy against Trafficking in Persons.


Governmental Organisations

Ministry of Internal Affairs

National Agency against Trafficking in Persons

Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, Director

Bucharest, str. Ion Campineanu, Nr. 20, etaj 5, Sector 1, Romania

Telephone: +40 21 311 89 82

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