Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

EU Civil Society Platform and ePlatform against trafficking in human beings

EU Civil Society Platform and ePlatform against trafficking in human beings


Civil society continues to be a key partner in the joint efforts to address trafficking in human beings. Its contribution is acknowledged and valued and building and strengthening partnerships has been at the core of the EU agenda since 2012.

The Anti-trafficking Directive acknowledges the role of civil society and encourages  Member States to work closely with civil society organisations including recognised and active non-governmental organisations working with trafficked persons, in particular in policymaking initiatives, information and awareness-raising campaigns, research and education programmes and in training, as well as in monitoring and evaluating the impact of anti-trafficking measures.

The Platform was launched in 2013 as a key action of the EU Strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings 2012-2016 (Priority D, Action 3), and currently brings together over 100 participants from across the EU and beyond. Following the first open call for expression of interest to participate in the Platform, further open calls for expression of interest have been launched over the years targeting civil society organisations based in selected non-EU countries, working especially on child victims of trafficking, as well as to ensure geographical balance (2016 call, 2018 call) including organisations legally based in all EU Member States. The Platform is complemented by a further online ePlatform, launched in 2014 to include further participants while overcoming logistical and budget constraints, as well as to give continuity to the discussions held in the meetings in Brussels, fostering information exchange and facilitating its dissemination.

The Platform regularly meets twice per year, including in joint session with the informal network of National Rapporteurs or Equivalent Mechanisms on trafficking in human beings, and meetings are organised by the Office of the EU Anti-trafficking Coordinator.

Please note that participants of both the Platform and the ePlatform have applied to the calls for expression of interest launched by the European Commission and have been selected through the respective processes. Due to the numerous expressions of interest received, several calls have been published over the years. Spontaneous applications, in the absence of an open call, cannot be taken into consideration, but we encourage you to monitor this website, which will be updated should new open calls be published in the future. You are also encouraged to liaise with the participants of both the Platform and the ePlatform to be informed about on-going joint efforts towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings.

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Monday, 9 February, 2015
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