Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Labour exploitation

Labour exploitation

Slavery on the high street

Anti-Slavery International June 2012, 60 pages

This report identifies two forms of modern day slavery in fabric and garment supply chains: the forced labour of girls and young women in the spinning mills of southern India – the Sumangali and Camp Coolie systems – and the use of child labour in the finishing workshops of Delhi.


Effective Protection for Domestic Workers

International Labour Organization  2012, 134 pages

Domestic workers are often excluded from the protection of labour laws or are treated less favourably than other wage workers. National labour laws should be better assessed and strengthened implementing the basic principles embodied in Convention No. 189.

Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (No. 189) is the first labour standard formulated by ILO dedicated to this particular group of workers.


Fundamental principles and rights at work: From commitment to action

International Labour Conference, 2012, 119 pages

This Global Report analyses the use of fundamental principles and rights (including elimination of forced labour) in trade agreements, the impact of ILO's standard-related work as well as promotional activities, the challenge of enforcement and gaps in the realization of fundamental rights at work.


Experiences of forced labour among Chinese migrant workers

Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Carolyn Kagan et al., 1 November 2011,68 pages

Over the last decade, the economic boom and political conditions in China have led to an increasing number of people from mainland China to migrate to seek work in the UK.

This report reveals the experiences of those Chinese migrant workers in the UK, focusing on forced labour and exploitation, the role of family and social relationships.


The cost of coercion: Global Report

International Labour Organisation (ILO), 2009, 96 pages

The Report focus on forced labour, including the forced labour that results from trafficking in human beings, in the rapidly changing world economy. It also indicates what has been achieved since the ILO called for intensified action against this serious violation of human rights in 2005.


Labour exploitation in Europe

A practical guide with operational observations and recommendations on European inspection, investigation and prosecution of labour exploitation

October 2010, 125 pages

The publication offers insight into the problems, pitfalls and thresholds that are encountered when combating human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation, thus identifying and assessing the gap between (inter)national legislation on human trafficking and the operational side of law enforcement.