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First conviction for trafficking in Northern Ireland

First conviction for trafficking in Northern Ireland

Country: Northern Ireland

Court: Belfast Crown Court

Sentence date: 23 April 2012

Purpose of exploitation: Exploitation of the prostitution

A man has been convicted by Belfast Crown Court of prostitution and human trafficking offences and was jailed for 18 months.

Matyas Pis, 38 was convicted of the trafficking of two women into the UK, controlling prostitution and brothel keeping. The women asked Pis to book their air tickets, and he provided them with an apartment in Belfast. They would then be advertised on the internet as escorts to pay back the rent for their apartment and their travelling expenses. The restaurant owner admitted controlling prostitution and running a brothel from an apartment in the city's Titanic Quarter.

Judge Burgess said the women were not being held against their will, but he could not ignore that "human trafficking is a global problem and we should not be blind to the fact that it is happening right now in Northern Ireland".This was the first time that the courts in Northern Ireland have had the opportunity to sentence someone for trafficking offences.

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Monday, 23 April, 2012
Year 2012