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Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings


Legal and Policy Framework

A comprehensive EU approach to fight trafficking in human beings is anchored in the EU Anti-trafficking Directive, and complemented by the EU Strategy on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings (2021-2025).

EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

The EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator is responsible for improving coordination and coherence among EU institutions, EU agencies, Member States and international actors, and for developing existing, and new EU policies to address Trafficking in Human Beings.

Intensifying a coordinated response

Joint efforts to address trafficking in human beings is done through cooperation with the EU Network of National Rapporteurs or Equivalent Mechanisms, the EU Civil Society Platform, and the Coordination Network of the EU Agencies’ contact points on trafficking in human beings.


This section provides and overview of relevant publications and studies on EU anti-trafficking actions.

EU countries

The section EU countries provides comprehensive information on how each EU country, tackles, prevents and identifies instances of trafficking in human beings.