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Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Handbook for consular and diplomatic staff on how to assist and protect victims of human trafficking


Council of Baltic Sea States' (CBSS), 2011, 45 pages

The "Handbook for Consular and Diplomatic Staff" is the result of a training programme for consular and diplomatic staff that was conducted in the capitals of Council of Baltic Sea States' (CBSS) members and beyond between 2008 and 2010.

The Handbook outlines legislation and best practice and it intends to contribute to shaping curricula for diplomatic and consular personnel. It has been designed both to complement the training programme and as a stand-alone, practical and illustrative guide when dealing with suspected and proven cases of human trafficking.

It provides the reader with concrete advice on how to identify and assist victims of human trafficking and considerations for conducting interviews with potential victims.

(3.81 MB - PDF)

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