Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings - Portugal

European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings - Portugal

From the Government:

Launch of the National awareness campaign for the phenomenon of human trafficking, October 18th, at 7 pm, at the S. Jorge Cinema in Lisbon. This initiative will include the presence of the Deputy Minister and the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality as well as other prominent figures in Portuguese society and with an interest in combating TSH.

Several Initiatives on Awareness Raising promoted by Civil Society:


EME Centro/Planning Family Association

Campaign against Human Trafficking in Sugar Packets, with 10 images and phrases referring to the phenomenon. The sugar packets are distributed by Delta in the national territory during the month of October. This initiative falls within the scope of the Annual Plan of Activities of the Regional Network of the Center for Support and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings.


Development of Awareness Sessions in the scope of Human Trafficking for Students of Professional Education at the Beira Aguieira Professional School in Penacova, on October 17th.


EME LISBOA/ Planning Family Association

Lisbon and Tagus Valley Regional Network for Support and Protection of Victims of THB (RRL) will reactivate the Campaign RESERVED - On behalf of a THB victim. This is an online awareness campaign for the population and to appeal to the flagging of victims. RRL member entities will invite other partner entities to disclose the Reserved Campaign by sharing the video on Facebook institutional pages, on websites or by email. New photos alluding to the campaign will be shared on the official website (see No dia 18, an EME Lisboa participar no programa Manhãs da TV durante 60 minutos na Kurikos TV sobre TSH. Also on the 18th, EME Lisboa will participate in the TV Mornings


EME ALENTEJO - Planning Family Association


The company has made available its fleet of buses to carry out this campaign, where we will distribute information materials to users, alerting them to the phenomenon of THB. In this initiative, will also participate some of the representatives of the entities that integrate Alentejo’s Regional Network for Support and Protection of Victims of THB


A poster, in order to raise awareness and celebrate the European Anti-Trafficking Day, which will be disseminated by the entities integrating the Alentejo Regional Network for Support and Protection of Victims of THB to their partners. EME ALGARVE - Planning Family Association


EME Algarve will hold an exhibition alluding to Human Trafficking in the hall of Faro District Center – Social Security Institute, with the purpose of awareness all the users of this service for this problematic. The exhibition will be visible for one week, from 18th to 23rd October 2017, and will display images about the different types of Human Trafficking, information about the EME’s


teams and the procedures that the citizens must take if they come across with this public crime. Also, next to ticket machine, we will display a vídeo awareness campaign about this thematic, as a result of a partnership between EME Algarve and ETIC Algarve.


An awareness/information action for technicals and the rest of the staff of social security service in the work week of the organization.


Other Initiatives


APAV will send a press release, raising awareness to the theme and will also publish it on the website and share a video about human trafficking on Facebook and Instagram.


International Conference on October 18th - European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings, which will take place on the 18th and 19th of October at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra.


Contra Correntes debate - organized by the Humanitarian Center of São João da Madeira of the Portuguese Red Cross. Will also be present other entities such as CHUC – Hospital Centre of Coimbra’s University, Saúde em Português and the Public Security Police from the District Command of Coimbra


In the amphitheater of the Instituto Superior de Ciências Educativas in Odivelas, a roundtable will be held under the theme Trafficking in Human Beings: Prevent, Monitorize, Protect, with the presence of several entities: ACT, APAV, APF, PJ. This activity will run from 5 pm to 8 pm and is open to the general population.


Conference in Serpa, to signalize the European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings, in the framework of the local contrasts of security.


MDM, will present a theater “Womens – Traffick”, on the 18 of October, in A22, Vila Nova de Gaia.


CAVITP (Commission for Support to Victims of Trafficking in Persons - linked to religious congregations) decided to mark the 18th day, with schools going to talk about THB. By the end of this month, they will go to Schools of Parede, Atouguia da Baleia / Peniche and Amora.

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