Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Strengthening the fight against forced begging: a multidisciplinary approach

Strengthening the fight against forced begging: a multidisciplinary approach




Public Ministry - POHCCJ Romania

Approximate Budget

234.000 €


2012 – 2013 (18 months)


High Court of Cassation and Justice, Romania; National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, Romania; General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police; Centre for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children – FOCUS, Romania; Federal Prosecutor`s Office, Belgium; Federal Ministry of Interior, Austria; Ministry of Justice and Liberties, France

Objectives and results

The objective of the project is to improve expertise and transborder cooperation to tackle human trafficking for the purpose of forced begging. Therefore, researchers, representatives of civil society, law enforcement and judicial authorities should exchange their knowledge and best practices on the most efficient means to implement a multidisciplinary approach.

Research to be undertaken should focus on the methods of recruitment, modus operandi of criminal groups, destination countries and specificities of this type of trafficking.

On that basis, a report would include an action plan for countering this form of Trafficking in Human Beings, applicable to Romania and to the other EU MS. Four workshops will be held to discuss it.

The workshops conclusions will be included in a comprehensive manual which will be presented during one day international conference, to be attended by the representatives from 15 EU MS and to be organized at the occasion of the Anti-Trafficking Day.

Publications and other resources

The manual in English, Romanian, French, German will be disseminated largely at the European level

Further information

Ms Taranu Lavinia, Public Manager,

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Country France
Year 2011
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