Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

FIIT – Foster and Improve Integration of Trafficked Persons

FIIT – Foster and Improve Integration of Trafficked Persons


FIIT – Foster and Improve Integration of Trafficked Persons 


European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals, community actions 2010


International Organisation for Migration –Paris.

Payoke, Belgium; Association ALC, France; Baptist Aid, Hungary;  La Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy; Migrant Helpline; IOM Brussels, Belgium; IOM Budapest, Hungary;  IOM Rome, Italy; IOM London, Uk.


Total project budget is 398,301 EUR. The project is co-funded by the (90%).


January  2012 –June 2013 (18 months).

Objectives and results

The overall objective of FIIT project was to enhance the long term integration of Victims of Trafficking (VoTs) through the identification, sharing and transfer of good practices related to the legal, economic, psychosocial dimensions of integration, in particular through strengthening professional links among national and European practitioners working with VoTs.

To meet the objective, the specific integration needs of VoTs were assessed and current good practices and eventual gaps were identifyed at each country level. The project intended to build new links between practitioners involved in the VoTs integration process and enhance existing mechanisms of information sharing.

The following activities were implemented:

  1. Assessment, through desk research and interviews, of the level of VoTs integration in the
    participating countries;
  2. Organization of two study visits and roundtables in two participating countries implementing good practices in the field of VoTs integration;
  3. Production of a toolkit gathering relevant practical information related to VoTs integration
  4. Organization of final conferences at national level to disseminate the toolkit and project results to:
    1. VoTs granted with residence permit in an EU MS;
    2. Professionals working with VoTs;
    3. National authorities in charge of VoTs integration;

Further information

Ms. Fanny Ruinart ( ) or Ms. Novita Amadei ( ) or by phone +33 1 40 44 06 91.


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Thursday, 27 June, 2013
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