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EU Daphne III

Objectives and results

Aretusa is a network of 18 non-governmental organizations, with a long history of cooperation. Aretusa is active in 15 EU member-states, as follows:

  • In Austria is represented by The World of NGOs
  • In Bulgaria is represented by Caritas Ruse
  • In France is represented by Amicale du Nid
  • In Germany is represented by SOLWODI
  • In Greece is represented by Research Centre of Women’s Affairs
  • In Hungary is represented by MONA- Foundation of Women of Hungary
  • In Italy is represented by IRENE Association, AFP Patronato San Vincenzo, Associazione Micaela
  • In Latvia is represented by Latvijan Gender Problem Centre
  • In Lithuania is represented by Women’s Issues Information Center
  • In Malta is represented by National Council of Women of Malta
  • In Poland is represented by Source of life
  • In Romania is represented by Asociatia Aproapele
  • In Spain is represented by Asociacion de Oviedo y Jorbalan
  • In Sweden is represented by Baltic Fem
  • In United Kingdom is represented by CHASTE



  • supports NGOs in translating the principle of equality for women and men into practice
  • support initiatives addressing women’s rights, violations and effective protection against discrimination
  • stimulate the exchange of information and best practices between NGOs
  • promote understanding with regard to the current situation, challenges and developments in the field of gender equality in the EU


Further information

Website: Aretusa

Publication Date:
Wednesday, 10 April, 2013
Section EU Projects
Type of Organisation NGO
Programme Daphne III
Year 2013