Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Transnational ACtion

Transnational ACtion

Safe and sustainable return and reintegration for Victims of Trafficking returning from France, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain to priority countries (Albania, Morocco and Ukraine)




PromoterInternational Organization for Migration


Budget: 526,274.15 EUR


Timeframe: 1 May 2015 – 31 October 2016 (18 months)


Partners: Office of the National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator (Albania), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France), Office of the National Rapporteur on human trafficking (Greece), Border Guards Headquarters (Poland), General Secretary for Immigration and Integration (Spain), Ministry of Social Policy (Ukraine)


Objectives and results: The overall objective of the proposed project is to contribute to the improvement of the safe return and reintegration conditions of victims of trafficking (VoTs) returning from France, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain to 3 priority countries, namely Albania, Morocco and Ukraine. The project will enhance the capacities of these three priority countries authorities in the field of protection and assistance with special focus on return and reintegration assistance for victims of trafficking as one of the protection measures.

Outcome 1: Enhanced knowledge of priority countries representatives contributes to improve safe and sustainable reintegration of VoTs into their home communities, with a specific focus on children VoTs.

Outcome 2: Improved coordination mechanisms in the field of safe return and reintegration of VoTs are set up/further developed in priority countries

Outcome 3: Improved transnational cooperation and information exchange between respective authorities in the 5 participating EU MS and the three priority countries.

Outcome 4: Albanian, Moroccan and Ukrainian VoTs (children and adults) returning from the 5 participating EU MS are supported in the reintegration process in their CoOs, thus preventing the risk of re-trafficking and re-victimization.


Publications and other resourcesA joint report, jointly drafted with the CARE project management team, will be published in November 2015 and present the practices implemented at national and transnational levels to support the identification, referral and assistance through safe return and reintegration of VoTs


Further informationA regional conference, jointly organized with the CARE management team will be organized in Brussels in November 2015.


Publication Date
Wednesday, 3 June, 2015