Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Tampere Council Conclusions 1999

Tampere Council Conclusions 1999

The European Council dedicated a special meeting in Tampere, Finland, in October 1999, to the establishment of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. During this meeting political guidelines, including in the field of immigration, police and justice cooperation and fight against crime, were elaborated. The conclusions of this European Council constitute the Tampere programme.

The following articles are particularly relevant to the fight against trafficking in human beings;


23. The European Council is determined to tackle at its source illegal immigration, especially by combating those who engage in trafficking in human beings and economic exploitation of migrants. It urges the adoption of legislation foreseeing severe sanctions against this serious crime. The Council is invited to adopt by the end of 2000, on the basis of a proposal by the Commission, legislation to this end. Member States, together with Europol, should direct their efforts to detecting and dismantling the criminal networks involved. The rights of the victims of such activities shall be secured with special emphasis on the problems of women and children.

26. The European Council calls for assistance to countries of origin and transit to be developed in order to promote voluntary return as well as to help the authorities of those countries to strengthen their ability to combat effectively trafficking in human beings and to cope with their readmission obligations towards the Union and the Member States.

48. Without prejudice to the broader areas envisaged in the Treaty of Amsterdam and in the Vienna Action Plan, the European Council considers that, with regard to national criminal law, efforts to agree on common definitions, incriminations and sanctions should be focused in the first instance on a limited number of sectors of particular relevance, such as financial crime (money laundering, corruption, Euro counterfeiting), drugs trafficking, trafficking in human beings , particularly exploitation of women, sexual exploitation of children, high tech crime and environmental crime.


Publication Date:
Friday, 15 October, 1999
Section EU Policy
Year 1999