Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

The EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator (EU ATC) is based in the European Commission. Dr Myria Vassiliadou served as EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator from 2011 until the end of February 2020. The position is elaborated in the EU Anti-trafficking Directive. As per the mandate, the EU ATC is responsible for improving coordination and coherence among EU institutions, EU agencies, Member States and international actors, and for developing existing and new EU policies to address THB. This includes monitoring the implementation of the EU Strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings 2012-2016 and the December 2017 Communication stepping up EU Action to address trafficking in human beings.

Olivier Onidi

Since 1st May 2016 Olivier Onidi is Deputy Director General of the Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs at the European Commission with particular responsibility over security. In this capacity, he oversees the activities in the fields of terrorism and violent extremism, organized crime, cybersecurity, information systems and innovation. He also headed the Secretariat of the European Commission's Task Force for the Security Union. Since 1st March 2020, he is also EU Anti-trafficking Coordinator. 

His last assignment was Deputy Director General of Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs, with the specific task to coordinate the Commission-wide work related to the Central Mediterranean Route in the context of the refugees crisis. 

Previously, he was Director for the "European Mobility Network" within Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, responsible for the development of the TransEuropean Transport network infrastructure, the implementation of the Connecting Europe Facility funding instrument and the creation of a Single European Rail area. Prior to this, he was Director for Innovative and Sustainable Mobility, in charge of transport security, clean and urban transport, intelligent transport systems and road safety. 

He also worked as Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Energy Commissioner, Mr Günther H. Oettinger, as Head of Unit for air transport services, aviation safety and environment and Head of the satellite navigation system programme - GALILEO. 

His first posts in the Commission were assistant to Directors-General in the areas of Energy & Transport, External Relations, the Secretariat General and in the cabinet of the Commissioner for Research and Development, innovation, education and training. 

Before joining the Commission, he worked as adviser to the Executive Committee of Belgacom and as public policy Manager at American Express International. 

Mr Onidi holds Master degrees in International Economics, in European Studies and in Business Administration. 

Key references to the horizontal mandate of the EU Anti-trafficking Coordinator and acknowledgement of the EU legal and policy framework on trafficking in human beings

October 2019 Council Conclusions on combating the sexual abuse of children

In the Conclusions, the Council recalls as relevant Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims, and the complementing policy framework, under the horizontal mandate of the EU Anti-trafficking Coordinator.

November 2019 Council Conclusions on Victims' Rights

In the Conclusions, the Council recognizes the tangible results achieved through the work carried out under the horizontal mandate of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, as per Article 20 of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive, including with respect to the access to and realization of the rights of victims of trafficking in human beings, and in relation to the 2017 Communication ‘Reporting on the follow-up to the EU Strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings and identifying further concrete actions’.

November 2019 - UN General Assembly Third Committee Resolution on Improving the Coordination Efforts against Trafficking in Human Beings 

Mirroring the EU's long-standing objectives and priorities, the Resolution includes a ground-breaking reference to the mandate of the EU Anti-trafficking Coordinator, as well as crucial and indeed new elements in line with EU’s approach.

November 2019 – European Parliament Resolution marking the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Resolution takes into account the consistent findings of the reports adopted by Commission highlighting that ‘children account for nearly one in four victims of trafficking in the EU, including trafficked within their own Member State; that girls are primarily targeted, and trafficked for sexual exploitation’. Recalling the solid EU legal framework, the EU Anti-trafficking Directive, the Resolution further endorses EU policy priorities as per the 2017 Communication, stressing ‘the importance for the Member States of stepping up action to ensure accountability towards the victims of trafficking and to eradicate the crime itself, as well as to combat the impunity that still prevails among traffickers, exploiters, profit makers and abusers, including by criminalising the use of services exacted from victims of trafficking for all forms of exploitation’.

July 2016 - Resolution on the fight against trafficking in human beings in the EU’s external relations

The Resolution recognises and supports the work of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator established to improve coordination and coherence among the EU institutions, agencies, and the Member States with third countries and international actors and urges the Coordinator to further develop concrete joint action and measures among the EU, the Member States, third countries and international actors so as to set up a more coherent and efficient cooperation in establishing systems that identify, protect and assist victims of trafficking, step up the prevention of trafficking in human beings, seek increased prosecution of traffickers and establish a network capable of responding to emerging concerns

May 2016 - European Parliament Resolution on Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings

The Resolution commends the good work done by the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator in developing knowledge and evidence on the various aspects of THB, including research into the gender dimension and the particular vulnerability of children.

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