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Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Enhancing prevention of THB


ENHANCING PREVENTION OF THB (Enhancing the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings & Protection of Victims at European Level)




Coordinator: Academy of European Law (ERA)


  • Total cost of the action: EUR 364.373,48
  • Commission contribution: EUR 326.873,48 (89,71%)


24 months from 01 January 2014



  • Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs
  • Centre for Judicial Studies
  • Latvian Judicial Training Centre

Associate Partners/on a non EU-funded basis:

  • International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
  • Gemeinsames Zentrum der deutsch-französischen Polizeiund Zollzusammenarbeit in Kehl
  • Portugese Association for Victim Support
  • European Judicial Training Network (EJTN)

Objectives and results


  • To stimulate, promote and develop horizontal methods and tools necessary for strategically preventing and fighting crime and guaranteeing security and public order
  • To promote and develop best practices for the protection of crime victims
  • To gain a clearer view of the overall existing international and European measures adopted and under discussion to counter THB;
  • To be familiar with the tools that are at their disposal in their particular field of action;
  • To be aware of the rights of victims and witnesses, as well as practical ways to identify victims;
  • To understand the added value provided by existing bodies (Europol, Frontex, Eurojust, etc.) and instruments (conventions, directives and other legal acts);
  • To know how to apply such instruments at national level;
  • To raise awareness about new forms of THB, grooming methods and recent issues identified at EU level.


  • Develop horizontal methods for countering THB through public-private networking and promoting the exchange of good practices in countering THB between relevant actors and promoting best practices for the protection of witnesses and victims (through legal training on their identification and rights).
  • Establish partnerships between different relevant actors by providing them with an opportunity to be familiarised with the particular problems other sectors face, e.g. new or less investigated forms of THB, and promoting access to further information through our project website.
  • Reduce the demand for products or services provided by victims, by raising awareness of the grave consequences for their users set forth in international and European legislation through 2 seminars exclusively designed for the private sector.
  • Enhance coordination among legal practitioners through 2 seminars for that sector. The seminars will present an opportunity to boost cross-border cooperation, since legal practitioners will be familiarised with existing EU instruments and meet their colleagues from other EU Member States.
  • Ensure better protection of victims through 2 seminars offering comprehensive training for, amongst others, law enforcement officials likely to come into contact with them.
  • Train target groups on how to identify and better protect potential victims and raise awareness of the various vulnerable groups.

Further information

  • Transnational project
  • Other projects previously financed by EU: JLS/2007/JPEN/205, Combating trafficking in human beings with particular focus on child trafficking

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