Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

National Hotlines

National Hotlines

Too often, information on trafficking in human beings is targeted at professionals only, leaving those who are affected the most left out, the victims. By providing contact information to service providers and hotline numbers in the Member States, the aim is to make this information easily accessible. If you are a victim of trafficking in human beings or want to report a crime in relation to trafficking in human beings you may use one of the national hotline numbers below. You can always be anonymous.


IBF - Intervention Centre for Victims of Trafficking in Women + 43 1-796 92 98

PAG-ASA + 32 2 511 64 64
Payoke +32 3 201 16 90
Multilingual brochure for victims of human trafficking

National Hotline for Victims of Violence
(operated by Foundation “Animus Association”): 0800 186 76
National Hotline for Children (operated by the State Agency for Child Protection and Foundation “Animus Association”): 116 111

National Human Trafficking Resource Line: (operated by A21 Bulgaria): 0800 20 100

La Strada SOS Hotline +420 222 71 71 71


Human Trafficking Prevention and Victim Help Hotline +372 6607 320 

System for victim assistance +358 71 876 3170

National Coordination for protection of victims of human trafficking hotline (Ac.Sé): 0 825 009 907

National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA/National Referral Mechanism)
National Line for child protection: 1107
Direct Social Aid Line: 197 
General Secretariat for Gender EqualitySOS helpline 15900
Human Trafficking Resource Line (operated by Α21 Campaign): 1109 (for international calls please call 0030-2310-019880)

Hotline telephone number for victims of domestic violence or Trafficking (Available 24/7)
In Hungary: 06-80/20-55-20 – Crisis Management and Information Hotline.
Abroad: 0036 80/20-55-20

Hotline for the confidential reporting of suspicions of trafficking:1800 25 00 25

National hotline against trafficking 800 290 290

Hotline against trafficking (in Latvian) 80002012

Klaipedasocial and psychological services centre 8 800 66366

Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau mailbox for providing information in connection with human trafficking.


Luxembourg national contact for expertise in the field combating and preventing trafficking in Human Beings (Police Grand-Ducale) +352 4997 6210
Out of hours contact: Centre d' Intervention National: +352 4997 2341

Vice and Economic Crime, Police General Headquarters, contact for victims of human trafficking or reporting a crime in relation to human trafficking +356 2294 2000

CoMensha (in Dutch) +31 33 4481186

National Intervention and Consultation Centre for Victims of Trafficking +48 22 628 01 20

Hotline against trafficking 800 202 148
SOS Imigrante, the hotline for all migrant situations 808 257 257

Hotline against trafficking 0800 800 678

Slovak Crisis Center DOTYK + 421 903 704 784

KLJUČ KEY- Society, Centre for the fight against trafficking in persons: 080 17 22

Institut de la Femme 
900 191 010, 900 152 152

National Support line, a national telephone support line for women who have been subjected to threats and violence: 020 50 50 50
Terrafem, a non-profit organisation that runs a national helpline for immigrant women: 020 52 10 10
Report child trafficking (in Swedish)
For more information please visit the website of the National organisation for Women’s and Girls’ Shelters in Sweden.


Modern Slavery Helpline operates 24/7 and is confidential on 08000 121 700. It is open to calls from victims, on behalf of victims, the general public, law enforcement, statutory agencies, and business. It is backed by the UK Government, Police, NCA and NGO’s and is the one number all agencies want to coalesce around. Reporting can also take place via the website as well at: