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9th European Forum on the Rights of the Child

9th European Forum on the Rights of the Child

Coordination and cooperation in integrated child protection systems

The 9th European Forum on the rights of the child aims to foster the exchange of good practices, to facilitate connections at inter-sectoral and inter-agency level (both nationally and transnationally), and to promote more effective cooperation and coordination in integrated child protection systems.  It will build on the discussions of the 8th Forum in 2013.

On 3 June, the Forum will be dedicated to high-level speeches on opportunities and challenges in supporting integrated child protection systems and their functioning in particular situations.

On 4 June, the focus on child protection systems will be applied to particular child protection areas through discussions in four parallel sessions, with the overarching theme of "coordination and cooperation":

  • Session I: prevention of violence against children
  • Session II: identification, reporting and referral
  • Session III: investigation, treatment, follow-up and judicial involvement
  • Session IV: effective procedures

Participation is by invitation only.  All participants are required to register by 30 April 2015 12h00 CET at the latest.

For more detailed information, please the relevant web page: 9th European forum on the rights of the child.


Additional information on Integrated child protection systems is now available, including contributions to the recent public consultation.



Wednesday, 3 June, 2015 - 09:45 to Thursday, 4 June, 2015 - 18:45